Why Buy a Skydiving Experience?

Wandering around the shops looking for gifts for the people in our lives can be a frustrating experience. It can quickly start to feel like there’s nothing you haven’t already bought them, and what difference are yet more consumer goods going to make to their lives in any case?

Giving someone the gift of an experience that will likely be with them for a long time is a real alternative, and one that the person will truly enjoy and appreciate.


You can’t put a value on any of the experiences that you have, but skydiving is such a unique one that it can genuinely change someone’s whole outlook on life. A skydiving experience can give someone a huge lift, conquering their fears and in many cases vastly improving their state of mind.


If you’re thinking about buying someone a skydiving experience, you’ll have a substantial range of choices also, from one off basic jumps to extensive tuition led courses. Additionally, many of the companies that sell the experiences operate under a voucher scheme, so that you buy the person a voucher, and they them arrange a suitable time and option with the company directly. This means that there’s plenty of flexibility involved and the person need not book the experience in a hurry, but rather whenever suits them best.

Also, many of the organisations that provide skydiving experiences often also provide other types of experience, so you can get a voucher and let the person choose just what type of experience they want to have, however extreme (or not) that may be.

Who for?

Although you may naturally consider a skydiving experience as a gift for someone who tends to be into thrill seeking, for example someone who enjoys extreme sports etc, you may alternatively want to consider it for people who are not generally adrenalin junkies. In many ways, people who do not tend towards these types of excitement are the people with the most to gain from having the experience.

The liberating and exhilarating feeling that comes from hurtling towards the earth from thousands of feet up comes from the fact that you have no choice but to let go of your fears and inhibitions. This can make a profound difference to someone who is either naturally prone to fear or who perhaps has issues with confidence.

No more stuff

We all have so much ‘stuff’ in our lives, both that we’ve bought ourselves and that the people around us have given us as gifts. Rather than adding to this mountain of stuff, why not choose to give someone something that will potentially have a substantial effect on them. The electrical goods and gadgets that we fill our lives with will come and go, but the experiences that make us who we are can never be replaced.

It’s no surprise that people are looking to increase to the range of experiences that they have in life, and you can help them to do this through the gift of a great fun time.

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