Why Should I Try Skydiving?

When it comes to an experience as extreme as skydiving, there are innumerable reasons that people choose to have a go at it. Some of us are just natural adrenalin junkies, and simply have to try anything that promises a thrill. However, many of the people who talk about having had the most profound experiences through skydiving are people who do not generally seek excitement.


The feeling of falling through the air in freefall is genuinely like no other feeling on (or rather off) earth. It is the very definition of liberating, as there’s nothing to hold on to, just you and a whole lot of space between you and the earth! Many people who’ve had skydiving experiences describe them as seriously life changing, and say that they afford them with a whole new outlook on life.


As is in accordance with the long traditions within British culture, many of us end up going skydiving to raise money for charity. It’s such an extreme activity to take part in that it seems to inspire people to donate substantial amounts of money, and it certainly beats a sponsored silence!


More and more people are buying and receiving gift experiences, with skydiving one of the favourite options available. Many of us find ourselves feeling bored with the same boring gift options for friends and family year after year, while giving someone the gift of an unforgettable experience is something they’ll likely treasure for a long time.


We might have access to better health and lifestyle choices than ever before, but a lot of us in the UK are unfortunately not in the best mental health and wellbeing. Our hectic lives come with a range of negative side effects, not the least of which is stress of course. Whether it’s the strains of life that are getting to you, or your confidence is needing a bit of a boost, a skydiving experience may just give you the lift you’re in need of.


Similarly, many people who suffer from fears and phobias, particularly of course fear of heights or flying, are encouraged to have a go at a skydiving experience. As with many other fears, facing your fear of heights through skydiving can genuinely change your whole perspective on things. Fears and phobias restrict us in so many ways, and these experiences promise to liberate us from such restrictions.

The art of Skydiving

Of course skydiving need not be a tool to use for some broader effect within your life, and indeed many people choose to pursue it as an end in itself. A wide range of structured courses are available, offering detailed lessons to provide you with the skills that you need to carry out the act of skydiving in an expert way.

Whatever your reasons for trying it, skydiving is a totally unique experience for anyone to have. As long as you have memories, you’ll cherish the utter exhilaration of falling through the sky from thousands of feet in the air.